In the Story project, I looked at the connections between geographic location, time, and personal experience in the context of the global village. I explored the relation between past and present mind to identify links between remembrance and history. 

My paintings trace my memories that are combined with other people’s stories to form a hybrid narrative of contemporary human experience. I have observed how my paintings communicate with individual viewers, who in turn begin to construct their own stories out of my personal reality. Their stories add to my narrative and lead me to explore further connections.

Although my paintings are intuitive, I do not try to just make art for art’s sake. I find the following words of Nan Goldin useful in this regard, Goldin writes,

“My works are about letting life be what is and not trying to make it more or less, or altered. What I am interested in is capturing life as its being lived, and the flavor and the smell of it, and maintaining that in the pictures” (Goldin, N. Kawachi,T.eds. 1998. Couples and loneliness. Japan: Korinsha Press & Co).

I am interested in the overlays of mind, memory and personal experience, this project becoming one of self discovery. I tried to reflect my understanding of the world through my paintings.